Are you bored with your workouts?

Bent over rows, back when I actually left the house to go to the gym.

If the answer is yes…I am totally with you.

I left the gym that I belonged to for 20 years, just before Covid hit. I was frustrated with the changes that were happening and thought it was time for a change. I only tried one other gym before everything shut down. I am lucky enough that my husband is a fan of exercise too and was able to set our basement up for our home gym while we needed to be at home. This made me so happy because I didn’t need to go else where to workout. I could use the squat rack when I wanted and didn’t have to wait for someone to be finished with the equipment to get my own workout in.

But then I realized the limitations. It wasn’t the space I was working out in, but it was my workouts were stale and I was bored and frustrated again. In the beginning of summer, I started a workout program I had done before and noticed that my consistency improved. I don’t know about you, but I definitely do better when I have a plan to follow.

I’ve been doing the same type of workouts for years. Generally, they have been total body workouts and I just change up the exercises/reps/sets monthly. If we want to see change in our body, we need to keep challenging it with a new routine.

I took last week off from lifting. I walked and did more mobilty work. This week, I knew I needed to resume lifting (along with a couple HIIT and low intenstity cardio workouts) and to get myself back into a regular routine after slacking a bit at the end of the summer. I knew I needed a change to get me excited again, and to help jumpstart my fitness routine again.

So, I made a change. I decided to do a split body workout for the first time in 10 years…and boy, does my body recognize the change! I feel like I’m using muscles differently and can tell that I am making a difference.

Being bored with a workout routine is not uncommon. Mixing up what you do is important to keep seeing changes. Working with someone to learn a new routine can help with both of these, as well as help keep you consistent and moving forward.

Whether in a gym or at home, keep pushing and keep challenging yourself to get stronger. Get after it!

I am a physical therapist, strength coach and former cheerleader and coach. My goal is to help current and former cheerleaders stay healthy and moving well.